Trovu MIXETESS passa a la segona fase de la NLnet foundation

Hola, ens acaben de comunicar que la candidatura de projecte per a crear un mapa/cercador de projectes Mixetess a la NLnet Foundation ha passat a la seguent fase. Tampoc passa res si no guanya, ja que imagine que s’hauran presentant molts altres projectes mes coneguts per la fundació.

it is my pleasure to inform you that your project “Trovu MIXETESS”
(2020-08-044) has been selected to enter the second round of the
August 2020 call. While the first round is solely based on your
proposal, this strict selection round is potentially interactive. As
your project is looked into in more depth, the reviewers may need some
additional information to properly assess your application, in which
case they will contact you.
Note that proposals are reviewed with regards to urgency, relevance
and value for money. Unfortunately we will not be able to fund all
projects proposed, as much as we would like that. For the next three
weeks we will be therefore be thoroughly evaluating the remaining
proposals for the second round, during which we may ask you to supply
additional details. After that we will inform you on the outcome of
this second (and final) selection round.
If you meanwhile have any questions, please let us know.

Kind regards,
on behalf of NLnet foundation,

Michiel Leenaars
Strategy Director
+31 20 8884252



Felicitats pel reconeixement

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