A meeting place for freedom lovers

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Confederac.ió is a meeting place for freedom lovers. We want to talk, learn and help each other to act with strength. We also want to build a humble and honest alternative to commercial “social networks”, ultra-capitalist and social control products. No rush, no pause.

Confederac.ió offers a multilingual collaboration infrastructure to individuals and activist groups. An autonomous and non-profit infrastructure, free of charge and without advertising, managed with free software. We try to satisfy the technical needs of the community and we try to protect it from vandals, aggressions and spam.

Confederac.ió is not a project incubator or a source of information. We want to promote and help existing groups and projects, not competing against them by creating new ones.

Who is a lover of freedom? There is not a single ideological label that defines us, nor do we want it. After all, lovers of freedom know each other by their actions. Confederac.ió welcomes people guided by simplicity, autonomy, cooperation and decentralization. To people who apply less ego and more nature to small and big problems. To people who aspire to happiness for everyone.

Do you dare to try Confederac.ió? Any change starts with you.

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